Mathematical Model Making Competition

 A Mathematical Model Making Competition was organized in the school on 27, 28 and 29 August 2017. The models were devised using mathematical approaches to understand and make decisions about real-world phenomena. The competition was held in two rounds. In the preliminary round, about 500 students from classes VI to VIII (Block C) and Classes IX to XII (Block D) participated. They presented 350 models in a group of two as well as individually. On the basis of their concepts, application and presentations, 98 models were selected for the final round by a panel of judges- Mrs Neeta Gupta, Mrs Jyoti Mehta, Mrs Rekha and Mrs Anupam Bansal from Mathematics Department.

The final round for Block C was held on 27 August 2017. Prof I K Chandana was invited to adjudge the best 3 models among in the junior category.  The models of Block D were judged by Mr V K Akuli, Senior Mathematics Faculty from Vidya Devi Jindal School and Dr H K Bhatia, Retd. Professor of Mathematics, CRM Jat College, Hisar.

Students participated in the competition very enthusiastically. They used various mathematical and scientific concepts and techniques like linearity, probability, statistics, origami etc to prepare their models. Some models were presented using the hyperbolic shadows, a mathematical concepts applied on Eiffel Tower and Pyramid of Pizza.



Students were awarded with First, Second and Third Prizes in both categories. The models were exhibited for the parents during the PTM held on 29 August 2017. 

The sincere efforts of students were appreciated by the judges as well as the parents at large.