Interaction of OPJMSians with Padma Bhushan Ruskin Bond

On 7 January 2017, an educational tour to Dehradun was organized for the student members of the Readers Club and Book Club belonging to classes 9 to 10 to meet the articulate Indian author Padma Bhushan Ruskin Bond, who has experienced with different genres, including fiction and nonfiction for more than a half a century, in a formal ceremony of the launch of his latest book ‘Indian Folktales Retold by Ruskin Bond’.


A group of 30 students escorted by two teachers embarked on their journey to the picturesque hills to fulfill their dream of interacting with Mr Ruskin Bond, whose affection for children is boundless.


The hour and a half spent by the students with Mr Ruskin Bond on January 8, 2017 was magical in its own way. He shared his varied experiences with the children which was a real inspiration for the new generation. The relating of anecdotes and humorous occurrences seem to him the best way of perpetuating amenities between him and children. He also answered questions related to his literary works which children enthusiastically posed.



The Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr S. Ramaswamy, the Chief Secretary of Ministry of Uttarakhand, acknowledged and admired the literary works of Mr Ruskin Bond and threw light on his literary journey. He added that the role of the books written by Mr Bond in children’s literature has been unmatched.



The entire experience was enriching and thought provoking. Mr Ruskin Bond showed great admiration for the students of OPJMS and was impressed with their overall personalities.


The trip also included a visit to the famous Buddhist Monastery, the Forest Research Institution and the Pacific Mall at Dehradun. The students came back more informed, enlivened and rejuvenated.


The trip was Phenomenal.